Hello friends, Welcome To Technology Paradise of Farhan Khan To Learn & Teach People  About Technology. 

This is my dream blog where i share articles about Tech News, Gaming News, SEO Tips and Tricks & Online Earnings. I started this blog on 5th September 2018 that is on Teacher's Day in India. Don't think that I'm your teacher but i wanted to share my all technology knowledge with you that's why i made F-Techzone (Technology Paradise).

People in America, Canada, Australia are earning 6 figures with laptops and internet connections, so I started living Hustler's life since 2012.


My name is Farhan Khan currently I'm doing B.E from I.T Branch (3rd Year) from Government Engineering College Bilaspur. I geeky person from my childhood and i was a black hat hacker but i left all the things. I make my first blog on 2012 but that time i didn't have much knowledge and also i didn't take much interest because of online games. Yes I'm a gamer too that's why i have included gaming news in my blog category. I have played many online and offline games like CS 1.6, DOTA, Max Payne, Assasin's Creed Series, GTA Series, GOD Of War and many more.
And Super Pro in PUBG (ACE Tier)

I'm Sportsman also i play many sports like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Volleyball and represented at School and college level both. 
I'm a sprinter, Long Jumper also overall you can say I'm perfect package 😎😁.

You can connect me at

FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/iamfarhan0007
INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/iam.mr_farhan
TWITTER - www.twitter.com/techyfarhan

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