UAE Demands Ban On PUBG Mobile

PUBG has been at the center of controversy in India, where many incidents have been reported along with the game and most of them portray the game in bad light. Due to this, parents and others in India asked to ban the sport, which was heard by officials in Rajkot of Gujarat state. Following claims of negative impact on young people, popular battle Royal Games PUBG Mobile was banned.

Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal had banned it on 6th March, which issued a notification which stated, "We have come to the notice of various media that the PUBG game, the MOMO challenge is leading the violent attitude of the youth. Along with the study of sports, the behavior, behavior and language of children and youth are also affecting ... In view of public security security and to maintain law and order, I here prohibit the play of PUBG games. I am "

And now according to a report by the Khaleej Times of UAE, parents are demanding a ban by citing this game that it makes the students aggressive and generally affects the impact of youth on them '. In the report, a guardian has said, "PUBG must definitely be banned because it has a negative effect on the minds of children, it makes them very aggressive. Children have taken this game so seriously that Nothing matters to them - they do not even study. They only care about winning in this game. 
To reduce the anxiety of parents, the study found that video games have no effect on the trend of violence of people. There have been many studies on this conclusion, and most recently, at the University of Oxford, where the researchers claimed that their conclusions were against the popular belief.

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