PUBG Mobile Introduces India Bonus Challenge

Considering the popularity of the game and its unique costume items, the PUBG Mobile Maker Tencent Games is offering a new bonus challenge feature. Users here will be able to participate in tournaments and receive Battle Coins, which can be changed for rare organizations, gun skins and UC packs. It has been shown that the player wants to be able to earn more coins and credits to unlock the unique cosmetic items to show their characters more than just the stock.

To use the new bonus challenge, the user can navigate to the bonus challenge tab from the Asparts tab on the main screen. Bonus Challenge feature will be available to users in India from Friday 12:00 to 11:59 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week. In order to register for the bonus challenge, the user's level should be at least 20. There are three different levels in the bonus challenge, for which users can register - 'Knowees, Adapt & Expert' and the entrance ticket for these levels is 10 UC, respectively 20UC and 30 UC

Each day is divided into 6 seasons, each of which lasts for 2 hours. These 3 levels (10UC / 20UC / 30UC) bonus challenges remain open in all seasons. A player can register for only one level bonus challenge in each season; They can still register for the same or any other in the next session, which means that a user can join 6 matches in 1 day. Tickets can be exchanged at Battle Shop and a ticket is equal to 10 UC, which means that users will have to consume three tickets or 30 UCs to register for the 30 UC level bonus challenge. The categories of bonus challenge are geofielding, which means that players of one country will not be able to see the challenges in other countries.

Users must eliminate a novice guide post which will give them 100 battle cows and 1 entry ticket which will help them participate in the newbie challenge which is worth 10 UC for free. Once the user completes the novice guide, they will have to register for the tournament. Here users can choose from the levels given below and they can earn points depending on the level for which they are registered.

- Novice (10 UC) and every kill can earn 300 points + 15 points

- Master (20 UC) and earn 1000 points + 30 points for every hit

- Experts (30 UCs) can earn up to 1500 points + 45 points for every hit

The number of Battle Coin users earn in each match depends on their rank, the Kills, and the level of challenge they have been registering for, which attracts them to pay for it and more to cover their costs. Battles tries to get Coyne and even achieves more. In Bonus Challenge, points can be exchanged for Battle Coine, where 1 point 1 is equal to 1 battle coin.

Actual points earned = Ranking points + (kill * per digit)

Coins of earned war will be sent to user's account and users can check their current balance and record at the top of each page. The calculation of results takes some time and in all the seasons, the earned battle cows will be sent every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. (India time) account. Each participant can earn his points after the match. Users can invest some UCs and showcase their gaming skills and earn high UC and rare outfits. Users can redeem rare outfits, gun skins and UC packs in Battle Shop by exchanging battle cows.

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