Apex Legends "The PUBG Killer" : First Update Arrives

Apex Legends Battle is the new addition to the long list of the Royal Games, but it is now counted among the most successful within two weeks of its release. The game has managed to collect 25 million players within a week of its launch. It is important to keep in mind that other successful sports such as PUBG and Fortnite need more time to achieve such numbers.

Apex Legends Update

The release of Apex Legend has been less than two weeks, and this is the first patch that shows the studio behind the game, Response Entertainment, is very supportive for the game. Updates the items with time over time for Valentine's Day 2019 and simultaneously follows the theme of love.

Devons have added Longbow Epic DMR skin and "Love of the game" through "Heart", a pathfinder banner frame known as "Ines Valentines Day cosmetic items in patch notes". These live and will be available in the store from February 13 and will be available until February 19.

Devas have also fixed many bugs, which were affecting the players who had slow HDD drive. Apart from this, 'King Canon', which is the name of the only map available in the game so far, has also got some bug fixes. There were spots on the map where the players could get trapped and fall through the floor, which has been decided. See full patch note below.

Apex Legends 2.13.2019 Prescription Patch Notes 01

Valentine's Day - Store item 2/13 will start from 6 a.m.

- Added "Live Die Live" Banner Badge: To earn a limited time badge, revive one of your team members between 2/13 and 2/19.

- Added Valentines Day cosmetic items in the store. They will be available live in the store from 2/13 to 2/19 and then they go away!

- Longbow Epic DMR Skin Through "Heart"

- "Game of the Game" Pathfinder Banner Frame

Stability / Construction / Execution / Quiz

- Various improvements and twists in the UI

- Extended timeout which was crashing players with slow hard drives

- Addressed many clients and server sustainability issues.

- Fixed exploitation where you can place duplicate items in your inventory.

- A number of stability and performance issues addressed.

- Fixed issue where players will get a gray screen in the lobby when connecting for the first time.

- Fixed issue where your friends list has been shown to all your friends offline and unable to party.

- A short period of bloodhound of alfalfa clone 1 second to stay in the world.


- Arc star now displays a grenade warning.

Kings canon

- Map added a number bug with Geo like holes can fall through you and in those areas, players who are trapped in a bunch of plus polishing issues.


- Art updated for PlayStation Skin and Banner Card for PlayStation Plus Play Pack and changed names to Deep Blue. This will affect all those players who have already rewarded the skins.

We still have a lot of work and we listen to people who are disappointed with disconnected and crash and are working to improve stability and performance, as well as provide more visibility for everyone.

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