Top SEO Tips For 2019

Hello, guys, it's Farhan here and back with another top SEO tips for the year 2019. As we all know if we want to rank our blog we need to do SEO on our website so that it can rank on the first page of the Google. So, here I present my all the tricks which I follow to rank up my websites. Let's Begin.

Top SEO Tips For 2019

1. Quality Is The Key Of SEO 

The very basic reason behind searching Google is the result of accuracy and quality that Google offers.

But how does the Google search engine give this exact result?

Every time the user picks up some queries in the Google search bar The Google crawler will start looking for the best results that can present it. Google does not own curate information itself. They search the best relevant answers for websites, blogs, web pages, and start indexing those websites in the SERP. The person with the best information will rank in the top three of the SERP. But finding those top places is not easy.

Regarding those top places, you need to research and develop such content, which contains all information related to those questions and key phrases. The best information is provided in today's world's content and those who do not have many rewards. Therefore, if you are the owner of a website, then be sure to develop relevant content for your niche. Never lose your niche, because if you do Google, then you can not understand what is the purpose of your site.
Create content that helps Google understand the role of your website. And develop content for the most searched topic in your niche. In the end, never compromise with quality and standards. The more you pay attention to the great content, the more likely you are to get higher rankings.

2. Regularity To Improve Ranking And To In Touch With Everyone

Generally, website owners have a misunderstanding that they have made the best content and Google will show them at the top. But unfortunately, this is naive thinking.

No doubt, you have made the best content, but how will Google understand that you have the best content?

You need to do regular branding. For those who do not understand branding. This is a way to promote your website, content and blog on various platforms of the World Wide Web to gain more audience attraction. Once the audience gets more information about your brand, if they are able to relate to your website, then they will share it with their friends.

Once your brand image begins to be generated, Google will automatically notice your attendance and will provide results for questions related to your top. Therefore branding is going to be X-Factor for SEO in 2019. But avoid spreading for branding because once Google finds your cheap tricks, they will de-index your brand, website or blog from SERP.

3. Try To Develop Attractive And Best UI/UX Design

If you are ignoring this tip, then you are ignoring some of the serious SEO problems. Because it proves that Google Analytics is using various metrics to evaluate website quality.

If your website or blog is interactive and you have the information that is useful. In addition, if the website or application is user friendly, which means that the viewer will be on your website or blog for more time and will look for other relevant pages.

This will help you increase the number of more loyal viewers, better bounce rates, page views, which are some important analytical factors that Google uses to judge a particular website.

4. Mobile Indexing Is Next Step

It is no secret that mobile users have captured the search engine by storm. Google has recently published that they are experiencing more search traffic than mobile devices than desktop devices. Google has already said that they are going for mobile first indexing and they have already started the process. Recently, he has already called the Mobile Indexing Tool in Google Search Console as Webmaster Tools.

Therefore, it is high time for those who are still unaware of recent postings.

We recommend paying more attention to the owner of every website on your website's mobile optimization. Because in the future, mobile s is going to be the most golden in terms of SEO. Because all potential customers are looking for information / services on their mobile device. You may be reading this article on your mobile device.

The best way to develop a mobile friendly website is to use a mobile friendly theme, to use mobile plugging on the CMS platform, try to make a website using WordPress, AMP (Quick Mobile Page), Bootstrap etc. and if your Not a mobile friendly site, try to make it easy or optimize your website for easy mobile use.

5. Try To Improve Website Speed

We can correlate this point with our previous experience. Most of the time we ignore a website if it takes more time to load. That's why the same work will continue in the future.

Apart from this, today we are living in the internet connection of 4G and 5G internet connection and if your website is not able to load in such high speed internet connection. Then my friends need you to come up with a solution to improve it.

Eliminate all the obstacles that are pulling down the speed of your website. To improve website speed, there are various ways to reduce HTTP requests, reduce customized response time, use asynchronous loading of CSS and JavaScript etc. You can learn the different ways to improve website speed here.

So having a responsive website with better loading time can help you in SEO in 2019. Try to speed up the site.

6. Use VSO (Voice Search Optimization)

In 2018, we have seen how voice recognition and voice search are becoming an integral part of day-to-day use. Similarly, it will continue in 2019.

In today's market, there are various tools like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc., which are now changing the way we are searching. With various technological advances, voice search is becoming the next big thing in the search engine field.

We have already seen that Google has integrated AI into its search engine optimization. Using rankbrain technology, they are now giving the most accurate results compared to the first. But once they introduced Google Assistant to mobile devices, there is a change in traffic towards voice search. Today, voice search is not catching much traffic, but in the future, of course, they are going to play the most important role in SEO.

If you prepare yourself for those progress today, then it will be a big boost for your SEO. Give me some tips on how to prepare your website for voice search. Use long tail phrases. Because today's small keywords are not getting much impact as they used to be before. Do the proper research and make a list of key phrases that people are using while searching. Use key phrases that usually use viewers to request some information. Use those long trail key phrases and sprinkle it on your content for best results.

7. Take Care Of Security By Implementing SSL To Improve Authority

This is a commonly known factor that if you have a secure website then you will get more value than a non-secure website. Even Google agrees that they prefer to rank websites with SSL security on unsafe websites.

For those who do not understand the importance of SSL certificates and search engine optimization.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are small data files that are feeds on web servers or set up as precautionary measures against unwanted threats, thereby causing damage to websites. This SSL certificate gives an advantage in terms of SEO because it has been confirmed by Google that HTTPS plays an important role as a ranking factor.

Try even to improve your website domain authority. Because it comes to placements in the Google Search ranking, it is very effective. There are different ways to improve your authority.

8. Use Video Contents In Your Posts

Blogging is one of the biggest ways to improve your website ranking, if you are interested in getting more traffic, then you should start blogging. This is one of the best ways to interact with users.

We recommend using and using the blog content for your search engine optimization support in the year 2019. Many website owners try to make the best website but forget the reason behind it. The main purpose of every site is to interact with the users on internet.

When it comes to connecting more customers, blogging can help a lot. The more quality blogs you write, the more users are likely to be on your website. So blogging must SEO tip for the year 2019. And always provide information that is valuable to customers and write content relevant to your niche.

Another best way to attract visitors is quality videos. In addition, video content is still not fully equipped by most website owners.

Because they are difficult to make videos. But trust us, the videos are going to prove the best way to communicate between your product and your audience. Some surveys show that the audience is more interested in obtaining information from the video rather than reading it.

But even today, not all websites can choose the option of video, but be ready to keep yourself open for future video content as they are going to be the biggest factor of SEO 2019 ranking and promotion.

9. Link Building To Improve SEO

Social media does not need any introduction. We all have seen how much this impact is when it comes to ranking. For those who are still confused about social media branding.

Google often relies on websites that have high social media shares. And it is a proven fact that Google uses it as an important factor when coming into the rankings. If any content on your website is popular on social media, it is likely that Google will index that page much faster than other pages.

Link building is also not a new technology in terms of SEO strategies. But due to the misuse of the link building, it has lost its influence in the search rankings. However Google supports natural link building. But according to various SEO experts, it is now becoming an obsolete technique to achieve high ranking.

But still we support the link building because we think it is important to make link juice so that Google understands our niche. We recommend link building, but be cautious because they can also backfire. In our experience, if you are making a link naturally and getting links from authorization sites like .edu, .gov, then obviously you will get more value.

And never choose the option of comment or stuffing such as spamming or unethical methods for link building. Therefore, in the year 2019, social shares and link building also have an important place in search engine optimization tricks.

10. Rich Snippets For Structured Data

Some information that is useful for humans can be meaningless for web crawlers. In such situations, structured data crawlers help not only understand the content but also its purpose. Structured data is added directly to the HTML so that the crawler can easily understand the content of the web page.

Here we will see how structured data for SEO is an important tip in 2019. When you search for some information on the Google search box, then Google crawlers look for the best relevant content against the requested query. At the top of the search result, you may have seen a box with a title and some other information. Those boxes are called rich snippets.

Structured data helps Google determine whether your content is capable of achieving that snippet. If you are building a web page as structured data, then you are likely to get a higher rank.

In general, it is surveyed that websites that receive rich snippets suffer from more traffic than first or second place ranking.

So always use structured data for which you can get help from or Google's Structured Data Markup Helper to get that snippet. Because the Structure Data snippet holds the key of the box and those snippets are a large number of visitors box.


There are also many other factors that can affect the SEO trend of 2019. But the most important one is that we have listed the best SEO tips in 2019.

Some factors need to go through the domain age. As is still important for Google during ranking. The domain name is also important, so try to avoid switching from one domain to another, because it can give Google poor impressions in relation to reliability.

People often think that SEO is not as effective as it used to be before. But this is partly true. Ethical and biological SEO is effective. So select only white hat SEO if you are planning long-term goals.

SEO is also the most effective tool to improve business. Either B2C or B2B are getting more profit than SEO services, rather than any other traditional methods. Because different statistics show that SEO gives more conversion rates than outbound leads or cold calling.

Hopefully, these important SEO tips will help you in 2019 when doing Search Engine Optimization. If you follow these SEO tips, then there is a possibility of getting high ranking on your website Search Engine Result Page.

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