Steam's PUBG Moved To The 3rd Position In Highest Grossing Digital Retailers

PC gaming platform Steam has released a selection of tier lists achieving the milestone of the 2018 milestones, in which "PUBG," "Grand Theft Auto V," as well as the highest-gross digital retailer's "Dota" 2 "and" Warframe "headings. Rocket League, "" Elder Scroll Online "and more. Three games released in 2018 included it in the highest-grossing titles of Steam's annual Platinum Tier: Action Adventure" Far Cry 5, "Creature-hunting Challenge" Monster Hunter World, "and Ancient Greek Immersion" The Assassin's Creed Odyssey. "

Steam's PUBG Moved To The 3rd Position In Highest Grossing Digital Retailers

The 12-strong tier also features the 2017 bestseller "Players Unknown Battleground", which has made provisional progress-boosting passes for additional maps, Sanhok and Vikendi, both were made available this year. Similarly, each of the other Platinum-level games is generating revenue through significant expansion, small cosmetic purchases or virtual currencies.

Hence the presence of retail sports "Grand Theft Auto V," "Elder Scroll Online," "Rocket League," "Rainbow Six Siege" and "Civilization VI." "Dota 2" and "Warframe" generate the totality of their income from such payments; "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" he joined in the form of a free-to-play title in early December. According to revenue performance in Gold, Silver and Bronze categories, 88 other games were sorted.

Steam provided a revenue-based approach on the month-by-month release, platinum-silver collection of graduates through a thorough Early Access Development process, and the Platinum-to-Bronze ranking of virtual reality games and applications developed HTC Vive headset In collaboration with HTC) Ten games were played to record more than 100,000 players at one time or another during the year: "CS: GO," "Dota 2," "Grand Theft Auto V," "Monster Hunter World," "Path of exile," "PUBG," "Rainbow Six: Siege" "Realm Royale," "Team Fortress 2," and "WarFrame".

Both the "Dota 2" and "CS: GO," along with "Team Fortress 2", Steam Store Creator and Operator Valve Corp have been developed and published, the computer game version of "Fortnite" is absent, their own The publisher has been distributed through the website, the epic game. Similarly, "FIFA 19," "The Sims 4" and "Battlefield V" are exclusive to the electronic arts computer game platform.

As part of a one-year sales which runs until January 3, Steam also provides sections to display the most popular games played with gamepads: Official Steam Controller, Microsoft's Xbox controller, Sony's PlayStation Controller And switches switch controller of the Nintendo Switch.

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