PUBG Mobile New Subscription System | BP To UC Cash

According to a report by popular YouTubers, PUBG Mobile can soon find new subscription systems. It was reported that the new Subscriber System is PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus, in which players have been allowed to convert Battle Points (BP) into Unknown Cash (UC). Obviously, these new subscription systems will allow players to convert to 5000BP for 50UC. This pub will give mobile players another way to get the UC, which needs to buy some cosmetic accessories.

PUBG Mobile New Subscription System | BP To UC Cash

PUBG Mobile Prime Subscription Value

PUBG Mobile Prime Subscription will cost $ 0.99 per month (about 71 bucks) and users will have to use some amount on the UC (possibly 150UC) small amount as well as entering the game like ID and Daily UC. Prime Subscriber will be able to convert BP to UC, although this is a limited amount.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Subscription Value

For PUBG Mobile Prime Plus membership, it will cost $ 9.99 per month (approximately Rs 710) and its special introductory price will be $ 4.99 (close to Rs 355). It will also give users a 300UC as well as a daily login bonus to 20UC, as well as an ID card, room card and a crate coupon. What it means, you get 900UC for the first month of PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription.

According to the PUBG Mobile YouTubers, Mr. Ghost Gaming and Allthenewsisgoodnews are available in new subscribers KRJP servers but it has been implemented with "different ways" and Tencent can make the above changes in subsequent updates. As it is coming into the global version of the game, at this time both have "no ideas" if it will appear. This is just a matter of time before the Chinese government introduces it for losses in China due to lack of sanctions for its new games.

Interestingly, a PUBG mobile admin on the game's disorder had posted BP details of Minus BP for UC conversion, which was exposed by YouTubers.

"To post, both of these subscriptions will provide you with the daily UC as well as the above allowances, extra XP and RP numbers added in your RP (not specified further)," reads the post. "Do these special offers come with 0.10.0, have not been confirmed yet."

PUBG Mobile Prime Subscription

  • 10UC daily log-ins
  • Get RP points
  • Crete Coupons
  • Room card
  • 150UC

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Subscription

  • Get additional XP per match
  • Access to Special RP Mission
  • 20UC daily log-ins
  • Rename Card
  • Room card
  • Coupon scrap
  • 300UC

Last week PUBG Mobile got 0.10.5 update and Duos event for its Resident Evil 2 crossover.

0.10.5 patch had a 190MB download size and it built a room with Royale Pass Season 5, 'classic' voices, new weapons and Wikipedia with it.

The official PUBG has been written in a tweet on mobile account, "To celebrate the much anticipated Resident Evil 2 coming on January 25, we are celebrating with the Duos event now." "We look forward to the full release of cooperation material at the end of this month and can not wait to share more with you!"

Given that the date for release of Resident Evil 2 for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC is January 25, this collaboration could last longer than the previous ones, which included Mission Impossible and BAPE.

"We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Capcom and their respected resident Evil Games, and look forward to an exciting collaboration that will delight fans of both franchisees. This is one of the most popular mobile games and video game masterpieces in the world. Tencent Publishing, General Manager of the Global Publishing Center, Vincent Wang said that it will wait A must.

Details on zombie mode are very low, although it will be present in the arcade section of the game and you will be able to gun the dead during the game according to past reports. If the PUBG Mobile Chinese New Year event is a sign, then it can be a cooperative experience. Hopefully we will soon see some official information from Tencent.

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