PUBG Banned In The Gujarat Primary Schools

The Government of Gujarat issued a circular on Tuesday asking district officials to ensure the ban on online multiplayer game Player Unknown's Battleground, which is called as PUBG. Officials said that after the recommendation of the Gujarat State Child Rights Protection Commission, the circular of State Primary Education Department was issued.

PUBG Mobile Ban

The circular directed the District Primary Education Officers to take the necessary steps to ban sports in primary schools. It said that restrictions were necessary because the children were becoming addicted to the game and it was "adapting to their studies". Although it is not known what version of the game the government is talking about, it is most likely that PUBG mobile should be banned and not on PUBG console or PC versions.

Jagriti Pandya, president of Gujarat Child Rights Authority, said that the National Child Rights Protection Commission (NCPCR) has recommended the ban on this sport across the country.


"NCPCR sent a letter to all the states and recommended the ban on the game. All states need to implement it. In view of the negative impact of the game, we recently sent a letter to the state government to ban Was recommended. " On the game, "Pandya said. We have reached the Tencent Games publisher, PUBG Mobile, for comment on this move of the Gujarat government, and will update after hearing this piece.

To remember, earlier this month, PUBG was blamed by a student organization for poor test results in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Jammu and Kashmir Students' Association said that the body has asked Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Naik to immediately ban the sport. Students Union of Jammu and Kashmir claims that PUBG mobile games are extremely addictive and recently the tenth and twelfth board exams have had bad results for the students. In fact, this PUBG mobilized mobile in comparison to drugs.

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