OnePlus 6T Users Facing Battery Drain Issues

Some OnePlus 6T users are reportedly facing a battery drain problem on their smartphones. OnePlus 6T was launched globally in October 2018, and it was among the first flagship smartphones, which came with the Android 9.0 pie out of the box. Apart from this, OnePlus has always been on top of things when it talks of software support for its devices, and often not only issues software update for OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6, but the older device also returns to OnePlus 3 Are going. However, many users are being reported to the new Rapid Battery Drain issue and currently, no known fix is available.

OnePlus 6T Users Facing Battery Drain Issues

Many OnePlus 6T users have taken to the official OnePlus Forum to report a new issue where the battery is suddenly coming out faster than usual. Many people are reporting that Google Play Services is consuming more battery than before, which has resulted in a significant reduction in battery charge. At the same time, many users are also bringing issues on Reddit. The original Reddit post shows that the battery goes into drains faster than 80 percent, effectively halving it without any major use.

It does not seem to be a widespread issue for now, and many users are reporting that things are running normally for them with phones. Those users are being told the problems are being claimed in the screen-by-time period ranging from 6-7 hours to about 4 hours. The problem may be related to some apps and updates, and a simple factory reset (once you back up your data) can fix the problem.

OnePlus is not yet to accept this issue or to issue any determination for it, and considering that the reason is not known yet, it may be some time away. The company has also recently been in the discussion for an aggressive battery optimization bug that prevents important applications from running in the background.

As we said earlier, OnePlus 6T was originally introduced in late October 2018 and it runs on Android 9 Pie. The company later also launched a special McLaren edition of the phone.

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