14 Days Challenge of Fortnite is coming back this week

Epic has decided a few days ago because it was incorrectly listed on the social media channels on the last date of the 14-day Fortnite event, this would give Equalizer Glider rewards to every person who had the least challenges during this event. One had to fulfill. . It is now decided that the verdict was not really the decision that he wanted to do, and so it is bringing back the incident next week, so players can get another shot on earning any prize which is They've missed them.

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"We informed the date of a wrong expiration for 14 days of the Fortnite incident and did not realize the correct view of Equalizer Glider compensation. After the next discussion, we will go to the event Decided to return soon. (0800 UTC), "wrote the epic. "We are also enabling some of the most popular Limited Time Modes available during the event."

"The players who were unable to meet those challenges will be able to earn all those prizes which they initially missed. All the challenges will be available to complete the entire period of the event. Unfortunately, partially Has progressed on the challenges meted out. Get reset. "

An exact start date has not been scheduled, but assuming that the action is taking place till Tuesday, you will have at least one week to work. There is not much time in organizing the original one-day event, but most players will not be able to take a full slate of challenges to participate, either because it is actually more of a full wrap-up. We will tell you when a more precise kickoff time is announced.

Update: Epicist has confirmed that Equalizer Glider FreeBee is still in place: Anyone who has completed at least one of the 14 day challenges, will still be given a glider.

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