Diwali Recharge Offers On Jio, BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone

Diwali 2018 Top Prepaid Recharge Offer: On the occasion of Diwali, shoppers can opt to take advantage of a range of products and services. It also spreads to pre-paid recharge plans that have been made available in and around the festive season, which unlimited voice calling, data as well as the benefits of free SMS.

Here are the top plans available for the festival of lights across the price range for prepaid customers.

Diwali Recharge Offers On Jio, BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone

Diwali 2018 Prepaid Recharge: Reliance Jio

Late last month, Reliance Jio launched the Jiao Diwali offer at a price of Rs 1,699, with the validity of 365 days. Jayo prepaid customers can benefit from November 30, and consumers will receive 100 percent cash back from this plan, they will be credited in their MyJio accounts as digital coupons.

Under the Geo Diwali proposal, Telco is providing unlimited voice calling benefits per FUP borders, 100 SMS per day, and 1.5 GB data per day with FUP speed limit of 64 FBPS. During the time period, users will get free access to 547.5 GB of data, as well as Live Inbuilt Apps for Geo.

In addition, Geo is offering open sales on its latest feature phone, Geophone 2. The device will be available till November 12, and shoppers will get a gift card worth Rs 1,095.

Diwali Prepaid Combo Recharge: BSNL

State-run BSNL has also taken advantage of the festive season to announce the proposal of BSNL Diwali Mahadmakka proposal for its prepaid customers. Under this proposal, two schemes, offered for Rs 1,699 and Rs 2,099 respectively, are available in the telecom circle including Delhi and Mumbai. Customers of BSNL can avail the free personal ring back tone (PRBT) along with unlimited voice calls in 365 days and 100 free SMS per day with the proposal of Diwali Mahadmakka.

Out of these proposals, 1,699 will offer prepaid customers with 3 GB of data per day for the overall plan benefits of Diwali Mahadmakka plan 1095 GB 4G / 3G / 2G data. Meanwhile, BSNL's 2,099 plans provide annual data benefits of 1460 GB data gains, but there is no daily cap. In any case, BSNL customers will get FP speed post of 128 kbps.

Diwali 2018 prepaid recharge: Airtel

Recently, Airtel improved its prepaid plans to provide the highest data gains bundled with unlimited voice calls and 100 daily SMS benefits. Of these, 219 recharge comes in 28 days with 1.5 GB of data per day, as well as a free hello tune subscription for the recharge period. It also offers long-term prepaid plans, each of which comes with 1.4 GB data per day.

Of these, the scheme of Rs 419 is valid for 75 days, while 399 rupees and 448 packs will work in 70 days and 82 days respectively. Apart from these, Airtel prepaid customers can also consider the Rs 597 plan, which offers unlimited calling, 10 GB data, as well as 100 daily SMS in 114 days.

Apart from this, Airtel using 4G SIM on a new smartphone on or before October 31 will benefit from the offer under Airtel thanks motion. In order to reduce this festival offer, Airtel customers have recharged for 199/249/448 prepaid plans, or Postpaid plans above Rs 3,93 will get cash vouchers of Rs. 2,000 for 40 months.

Diwali Prepaid Combo Recharge: Vodafone

Vodafone has not announced any special plan for the festive season, although it has changed its benefits from some of its prepaid recharge packs. For Rs 209, Vodafone customers can search unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day, as well as 1.5 GB data per day in 28 days. Other plans which have been revised, which provide 1.5GB 4G / 3G data per day, worth Rs 479 and Rs 529 are worth the scheme. Subscribers will receive profits from these schemes in 84 days and 90 days respectively.

For feature phone users, Vodafone had recently introduced a scheme of Rs 597, which provided 10 GB of data and unlimited call benefit as well as 100 daily SMS. However, all Vodafone prepaid customers should keep in mind that unlimited calling is subject to a 250-minutes daily limit or 1000 minutes weekly limitations.

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