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Whatsapp is one of the largest messaging platforms in the world with 1.3 billion users, of which around 250 million are in India. The Facebook-owned company actively combines features to make the service more useful and fun. Many of these features reach out to WhatsAppSet beta testers before public roll out.

Whatsapp recently launched a photo-in-picture (PIP) mode for Android users, which is currently limited to beta. 'Swipe from the answer' is another such feature. In addition, the company is also asked to work on advertisements in the situation, which will be tested for iOS. More features include inline image notifications, messenger stickers, etc.

WhatsApp Latest Stickers

Whatsapp 'Swipe to Answer'

Swipe to answer is already available for WhatsApp users. It was recently seen in Android Beta version 2.18.300, in which it was suggested that it can be launched soon for Android users. It gives users quick reply to a specific message by swiping right on the right, which will open the message directly in the answer context. This means that users will not need to have a message or long message for long periods and click on the reply icon to respond to a specific message in chat or group. This was first reported by WABetaInfo.

Whatsapp picture-in-picture mode

The PIP feature is something present on iOS, but it can be made available to Android users soon. According to the WABetaInfo report, it can be accessed on Whatsapp Android Beta version 2.18.301. The feature lets users see YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos in the Whatsapp app.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube videos will open in a small window within the whitspeed, who sent the link. The video bubble will also include play / pause, close and fullscreen controls. Whatsapp users can increase or decrease the size of the video bubble, or it can move around the phone's screen.

Whatsapp ad for position

Whatsapp is planning to add ads to the facility of status, which will be similar to stories on Instagram. WABetaInfo claims that the Messaging app is planning to implement advertisements on the iOS version. The company officially emphasizes that advertisements on position for iOS will not undermine end-to-end encryption.

Whatsapp 'biscuits' sticker pack

Whatsapp can get its own set of stickers and the feature is estimated for some time. According to previous reports of WABetaInfo, sticker preview was available for Android Beta version 2.18.218. Now, the site reports that Manikar has been added to a new sticker pack messaging platform under 'Biscuit'. It also posted a preview of the sticker pack and claimed that it would be available in future construction.

At the beginning of this year Facebook's F8 conference was announced for a sticker for Whatsapp. Like Facebook Messenger, users will need to download the sticker pack for the first time. After downloading a pack, people will be able to use stickers even when they are offline.

Whatsapp Inline Image Notifications

According to the WABetaInfo report, Whatsapp is testing Inline Image Notifications in Android Beta version 2.18.291. However, this feature will only work on devices running Android 9.0 Pie or later. This photo allows to expand and collapse the WhatsApp image notification to show the picture. Although it will not work for GIFs and videos, they will still show a small icon indicating to the user that they have received, but they will not be compressed or expanded for preview.

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