6 Smart Ways To Rank Your Website Quickly On Google

Getting a good placement in Google search results can be difficult, but you can make life easier for yourself and your website by taking a simple, Google-recommended, step to help you find the search engine giant.

In this article, we give you some important tips to sit on Google and pay attention to your site

Smart Ways To Rank Your Website Quickly On Google

1. Register your site with Google Search Console

The Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) is Google's free service that allows you to submit your website (and its sitemap) to Google for indexing.

Although not all this is: You can use tools to do many useful things, including the following:

  • Check important backlinks to your site
  • Ensure that Google is not experiencing any crawl errors in your site
  • Tell Google whether different versions of your website are present for different countries
  • See the types of search queries that are driving traffic to your site
  • Tell Google when you've updated a piece of content so that the latest version can be displayed faster in search results.

Most importantly, by submitting your sitemap to the Google Site Console, you are telling the search website that your website is present. Which is the starting point of appearing in search results.

As soon as you register your site with Search Console, Google will send you an email with many tips on how to use the tool to maximize your visibility in the results. Make sure you follow them!

2. Link your site to Google MyBusiness, and start using Google+ properly

Google My Business

Registering your business on Google My Business (essentially the successor to Google Places) can help in appearing in relevant geographic search results.

When you do this, Google will send a postcard with a PIN to your business address - you can use it to verify your business with Google.

This verification tells Google that your business runs on the physical location you've defined, which means that you have a strong chance to appear in search results and on Google Maps - people who are looking for a business like yours Are in search of work.

If, for example, you run a web design business in Hackney, London, and if anyone runs hackneys like IP Whacks 'web design hackneys' or even 'web design' in Google, you expect In more hope the pop-up may be surprised by the situation in search.

The lower line is that Google My Business is a big part of local SEO, and if your business relies on attracting customers in your area, registering on this service is absolutely crucial.

Google +

When you register your business with Google MyBusiness, you will be provided a Google+ page (if you do not already have one) use it! The business' Google+ page in Google search results is fast showing when people search for the name of that business (usually in a large, difficult avoiding box on the right side of the result)

This means that potential customers are now likely to see Google+ information before confronting your website - so if your Google+ page is not updated or has incorrect information (such as old telephone numbers), then it will work against you Is going.

There is a debate on whether the number of Google Plus users' impact on search results (Google does not say, but some stocking data otherwise suggests) - but sharing content from your site in any way Good idea to let people "+1" easily on Google Plus (at least it will increase its visibility on Google+).

You can make it easier for people to share your content with your site +1 (via the service of the adithis in it), or simply by holding a plus one button from Google (they give you a snippet of code that you Can add to your site's HTML).

3. Load your site as quickly as possible on mobile

Google is using 'Site Speed' as a ranking signal from 2010 - and it is important to ensure that your site is loading as soon as possible.

It means that you should

  • Reduce the number of HTTPS requests on your site (To do this, keep the script at least and use images only if they are really beneficial for your content)
  • Ensure that your image file size can be as small (you can use tools like small PNG so that you can help compress them with minimal loss of picture quality)
  • Fast hosting

For a more comprehensive run than what you can do to speed up your site, I would recommend to use Google's Page Speed ​​Insights Tool.

This will not only help you to check how fast your site is loading (both on mobile and desktop), it will provide you with a checklist of websites that will help you to increase your website's performance faster Need to do.

4. Use relevant keywords in your page title, meta description, and URL

Ensure that your page's title and meta descriptions are included

  • The exact, brief description of the content of your page
  • Keywords that you are hoping to do well for you in search
  • Some location details when relevant.

Google often shows snippets of your meta descriptions in search results, and can use them to determine how relevant your site is to particular searches (by monitoring clickthrough rates generated in search results, with high clickthrough rates , Indicating that a page answers a particular search, well inquiries).

Avoid Spamming Even though many 'catch all' keywords by filling in the title and meta details, however, because it can:

  • Actively harm the possibilities of showing high in search results (Google's algorithms are meant to say great at spamming, at least)
  • Your site appears to be off-putting or 'looking cheap' when it comes to searching.

Apart from focusing on creating well-optimized page titles and meta descriptions, you should try to ensure that your site URL contains keywords that you are focusing on for search purposes.

It makes it easy for users to find relevant pages in search results, and this also means that if someone links to your site, but only copies the URL, then the keyword anchor text will be generated in the URL. Since Google sees which words in anchor text when indexing content, exact people can help you rank better.

As a very simple example, if you are trying to sell guitar on your website, then www.mysite.com/guitars 'clean url' is more common than your search engine's in comparison to www.mysite.com/ The reason would be more likely to help the devices

5. Make Backlinks on Your Site

Even if you have a brilliantly well-made page title, meta descriptions and URLs, they are usually useless unless you have indicated 'backlinks' on your website.

Backlinks are essentially links to other sites on your site, and in a very simple sense Google is counted as 'vote' for your content.

There are two main ways to generate backlinks:

By outreach, asking other site / blog owners to show their content links on their site

By creating long, keyword rich blog posts that are extremely relevant to your business (if they are really interesting / useful articles about the area of ​​your business, they are more likely to attract relevant viewers, in proportion to which backlinks Will make them).

Avoid using companies that promise to create thousands of backlinks for you - though Google may be punishing your site if spamming activity is running on this site.

Our 'super simple seo' e-book has many strategies that you can use to make backlinks effectively (with other key SEO tips).

6. Follow Google's advice

Google is really very useful when you recommend improving your site's performance in search results - it's really useful that they're a free guide to optimize your site for Google search. Offer.

Read the cover to cover it and make sure you follow all of their advice. The guide can be found here and deals with SEO's nuts and bolts - how to make proper use of header, meta data and keyword rich content.

As mentioned earlier, it is also worth checking out Google's Mobile SEO Overview document.

You can also find Google's guide to page title and snippet (you will find a video at the end of this post, and an article on the topic here).

If you are a Google+ user, you may want to stay posted on Google Webmasters page - where you regularly get tips on SEO and other Google related issues from the horse's mouth.

More ways to promote your position in search results

I hope the above tips have helped you to understand how to make your site more visible in Google search results! However, you can take a lot of steps to improve your ranking, and if you are interested in getting more information about them and want to make a significant improvement to your site's performance in Google, Super simple seo 'book.

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