Shawn Michaels told that after 4 Years Of Retirement He Was Offered A Match Against The Undertaker

Between rumors facing Shawn Michaels's Undertaker in the upcoming Survivor Series PPV, an interesting proposal has been presented in a new interview, in which Michaels was introduced almost 4 years ago.
Shawn Michaels interviews were posted in their YouTube channel and video recently under these ropes, Shawn revealed that after they hanged their shoes, another match was offered to Taker.
Former world champion said that he had been offered a match against the Undertaker four years after he retired from the in-ring competition.
And according to Heartbreak Kid, it was easily presented with the most interesting ideas and even his wife got excited for it and was saying that it is very good.
What is worth to note here is that Shaun kept his career on line in a match and lost to Undertaker in WrestleMania 26 in 2010.
After 4 years of retirement, it would mean that they were offered to compete around WrestleMania 30 at the time where Undertaker faced Brock Lesnar and his famous winning streak ended.
The big question here is that if Shawn Michaels was the first option to break WWE's tactics, and how would the current scenario be like he had defeated Dead Man in Mania?
You can check out the interview of Shawn Michaels in the video below:

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