pubg Player On Xbox Receives Desert Knights Event


This is the second time when Desert Knights Event is coming to PUBG Xbox.

PUBG's Xbox Box Player has been treated in event mode where he enters eight player teams. Mode called Desert Nights, which is coming to Xbox for the second time, is a limited-time event, which allows players of the unknown to fully fire the battleground players at Miramar and a total of 24 players per match will be allowed. It creates a game where three teams will fight with eight players in each team to become alpha.

Players with Level 3 helmets, weights, backpacks, a care package weapon, first aid kit, random sidewarm and two grenades players The aim of each team is to kill opponents and reach 150 points in advance. Killing the enemy gives the team 3 points. Each match will last for 15 minutes instead of the last 12 minutes. The slain players breathe in a small part of the map with the plane and come back, which passes every 30 seconds.

Potential locations are also shown on the map below. There is no care package drop in this mode. There is no red area and dynamic weather is also closed, and the incident only happens during sunrise and friendly fire also stops.

This event is on North America, Europe and Oceania servers and third person will be playable only in perspective mode. Spots are auto-filled on the teams and the players can not invite their friends to play with them to fill the spot on the team.

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