13 million PUBG Mobile Players Banned From having chicken dinners again: report

Player unknown Battlefield is one of the most popular Battle Royale games and there is a fair amount of cheats trying to get an improper advantage to get that chicken dinner. However, the company is actively banning such people to lay out the playground, to be 13 million accurate. A reddit user, sjk045, reached this number by scrawling through the 69 Bluhol post at the company's official Korean Pub Café website. The company is posting users of all banned players weekly since June 16, 2017, and till now there are a total of 69 weekly restrictions.

Pubg Mobile Hackers

According to the data, according to statistics, this is the first week where the number of deceitful people has fallen below 100,000 from the 25th week. However, considering that the number of active players has decreased by less than a million, the proportion of deceitful cheaters to players is not good for the Pub community as the restricted players can easily buy the game again. And can log in to a new user id PUBG is so popular that some of its items are sold for real money, similar to Dota 2 To make a bank on this, some users plan to quickly rank users for agobots, speed hacks and other techniques.

Player unknown on PC was updated in version 22 on its test server recently. The new update brings many new features along with traditional bug fixes. The most notable new feature is a ranking system and a new 'Wheel Menu' UI option enables users to quickly access items in their list. Update 22 is currently available on the test server, and after some time should make its way to other players. The new ranking system will also help in matching the matches of equally matching players. There will be eight ranks, which will be assigned on the basis of 'rank points'. To earn your first rank, players will need to play 10 temporary matches. In addition, rank promotion or promotion is decided by total rank points. Statistics page will now be characterized by ranking KDA, average. Damage, etc. more clearly. It will also display 100 ranks.

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