PUBG Mobile Gives Option To Match With Emulator And Mobile Players

PUBG Mobile has become the number game in the playstore this year. Players have bowed like a kite for a flame, and its popularity is rapidly increasing. PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games on mobile now, and there are some reasons for its popularity and its simplicity is the most important reason for smooth performance as a unique base in the form of games.
PUBG Mobile Emulator and Mobile Players

But soon after the launch, it was suffering from a problem like its PC version that today's game face is. And he is trying to put an edge over potential fraud or opponents. The Cheaters Player was one of the biggest problems in the battlefield of the unknown, and when the mobile version was launched, some people used the mouse and keyboard to get a rigid advantage over the players using touch devices of mobile devices. To start using emulators.

Tencent Games, the parent company that owns PUBG Corp, has created a PC version of PUBG, actively wages war against cheaters and has recently banned 13 million players.

And Paint Mobile took the threat of players seriously by using third party emulators and released their own emulators in the month of May, where it was announced that people using the company's emulator should only use players emulators And will not touch the surfaces.

Your tweet is mentioned in the Tenant Games that if a team is also a player using emulator, then the team will be matched with other players using the simulators.

These other teams may also have players who are using a mobile device, but they have joined a team that likes the emulator player.

This gives them a bigger disadvantage on the mobile because there are enemies who are using the mouse, the keyboard, with a lot of accuracy, accuracy and speed while aiming, walking and shooting. But in protecting Pub Mobile, this is the player's choice and therefore they are not liable for that loss.

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