Pokemon 2018 Halloween Event And Community Day Event

At that time when most of the world focuses on PUBG Mobile and Fortnight, then it should not forget the first game that has captured the imagination of the world. If you do not remember, we would throw in a signal before revealing the name because the game had something to do with Pocket Monster. If you still have not received this, then we are referring to Pokémon Go, the only smartphone game that has gone viral for a long time. If you think other sports have stolen the heat of Pokémon Go, then it would be wrong to believe that according to the latest announcement, the game mood was "about $85M" in the month of September.

Pokemon 2018 Halloween Event And Community Day Event

According to a recent report, the team behind the game, Nantric Labs, can announce the second wave of generation 4 Pokémon in this game. According to a report by Express.co.uk, the team has already confirmed that more pokemon is coming into the game in the coming weeks. There is also a possibility to announce the Team Halloween 2018 program. The game developer has organized this program every year after the launch and there is no indication that the company could leave this program this year.

The latest wave of the new Pokémon is likely to focus on 'Ghost' type Pokémon, which includes Driflone, Mismagius, Dasknoir, Frosols, Spiritomb and much more. Apart from these two announcements, the team is expected to announce the November Community Day celebration in the coming days. It is said in the report that the November community day celebration is likely to be on November 10.

Talking about the timeline of events, Nantric Labs has not issued any official statement but the team is expected. However, it is possible that the company is making announcements about the Halloween program at the earliest.

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