Google Translate Gets Design Elements On New Features, Android, iOS And the Web

Google Translate is acquiring new features and design changes on the popular giants translation service, Android, iOS and the Web. Upon launching with iOS, the app now gets support for regional speech input and output in English, Bengali, French and Spanish. On Android, the translation app has been informed of the retirement of the SMS translation feature soon, and thanks to a teardown, the same new regional speech capabilities were also seen. Finally, on the Web, Google Translate will get Content Design 2 as a test on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

Google Translate Update

Version 5.24 for the Google Translate app for iOS at App Store brings new regional options for speech input and output in English for US, UK, Australian and Indian accents; French for Bengali, French and Canadian for Bangladeshi and Indian pronunciation; And Spanish for Mexico and Spain. It will enable foreign users to understand better pronunciation in their favorite pronunciation.

Only version 5.23 of the Google Translate app on Google Play is currently available in a stable avatar, but the incoming v5.24 of Android Police has been captured, in which there is a message in which SMS translation facility will retire at some point in the future. In addition, an APK teardown of Android app tips that will receive regional speech input and output support similar to iOS with the upcoming version - perhaps capable of server-side updates. The app will support regional dialects of English, Bengali, French and Spanish. Users can download the latest version of the app via APKMirror.

And, on the Web, Google Translate is getting a new content theme or content design 2. The new design brings mobile-like interface with three round icons - history, saved and community. This is a server-side upgrade, it will roll the users in the next few weeks. Refreshed Material Design is currently available on other Google apps like Google News, Gmail, Android Message, Hangouts, Chrome Web Store, Google Support Page, and Personal Account Page. The Android Police reported the development for the first time.

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