Fortnite Week 2 Season 4 Dance Locations

New Fortnight challenges are still available for Week 4 of Season 6, and unlike some recent weeks, there are some trickers that you need to know the map well. In such challenges, your dance is received at the top of the clock tower (hereafter there are two other distinct but vague designated places, pink trees and porcelain throne). By doing so you will earn some experience yourself, but, the most important thing is that you will find the necessary battle stars to lay down your battle pass and get those sweet, sweet cosmetics. To do this specific challenge, you will actually need to be the owner of a battle pass, because it is specific to players who do it. As it stands, we only know about a clock tower, so here you have to go to find out whether you have completed the challenge or not.

fortnite week 2 season 4 dance locations

The question can be found in Clock Tower Tilted Towers. If you are flying, then take out your glider and move it to the south-west corner is very easy. Of course, you have to aim for its top, but if you rotate the landing and move downwards, you can always make your way. The noteworthy thing is that the roof of the tower of the clock can be destroyed, which makes the land quite easy, but it is not difficult to plant it on top of the non-busted clock tower. Once you are in the clock tower or bring your emote wheel and give some tricks.

Once you do this, you will need to dance to the top of the pink tree. You will find one of these in the center of Lucky Landing. Strategy is similar here: land above it, and a little bit jig Sadly, you find that people are cutting trees - or already - cutting trees, in this case you will need to jump in the second match to get out and try again.

For the third part of this challenge for the flash factory, where you have to dance on top of a ceramic throne. If you did not find this, then this is a great way to say "toilets". Once you do this, you should end up. Just keep an eye out for pop-up, which confirms that the challenge is complete. You can see all three locations in the above images.

The second toughest challenge for the week calls the players to go to five shooting galleries and score three points on each. There is a bunch of shooting galleries scattered around the island, but if you are not familiar with your places then you can run without any purpose. We have put together a map where you have to go to find the target in our shooting gallery location guide.

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