Fortnight Will Present A Quad Launcher For The Game

Fortnight Battles Royale comes to add new content to its most popular enterprise when epic games are very active. New material is attached every week, and now there is a new weapon that developers of epic games have tampered with.

Within the game, Epic Games has launched its upcoming weapon called 'Quad Launcher', which is essentially a glorious rocket launcher. It will have four barrels, and it is likely to be capable of launching four rockets continuously without being reloaded. This is unlike the existing rocket launcher available in the game, which is removed every time a rocket is removed. The in-game feed gives us a look at the quad launcher, which is a harness weapon with four barrels. There is also an explanation that reads: "To quickly burn the explosive damage area to fire up to four rockets."

Even though we got our first official appearance in the upcoming Weapon In-Game, Epic Games has officially not declared it on any of its official social media channels. Which also means that we do not have our official date when the weapon is available. But as a tradition, any weapon shown in the sports news feed is usually added to the game in that week's update.

There is no word yet from epic games when patch kills the server for this week. The last patch to hit the server was 6.01, which was normal to reach later.

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