Best Tips To Increase Traffic In 2018

Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic - Hi Friends If you do not know about the latest tips to increase blog traffic, and you need to know about how to rank your articles on Google's # 1 page to increase blog traffic Looking for the best tips for you, you have the right place. Simple Tips to Increase Blog Traffic in 2018

Even I'm going to share some simple tips for you to increase blog traffic. So that the "Simple Tips for Enhancing Blog Traffic in Hindi 2018" article can help you learn about ranking accurately, and I can beat you with that you never get all these tips to increase traffic on the internet.

Best Tips To Increase Traffic 

Best Tips To Increase Traffic

 Simple Tips To Increase Blog Traffic In 2018 

1) Write regularly with good content

Friends, writing regular posts on your blog is very important. By regular post I do not mean that you publish anything on your blog. You must publish a unique post on your blog regularly.
Friends, if you write good articles every day, then your site will rank quickly on Google and your site will get early approval for AdSense.
Note: Friends, you have to write an article of at least 800 words, this will rank your site fast on Google and you will get quick AdSense approval.

2) Submit your site to all search engines

If you want to rank number 1 on Google friends will need to submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools if you want to rank number 1 on all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Then you must submit your blog to all these search engines. Like Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Webmaster Tools, etc. ....

3) Add Email Subscription Tool

Friends are very important to add an email subscription tool to your blogger in Blogger, you can use the plugin for it to add HTML code and WordPress just for it. If a user subscribes to your blog via email subscription, then it gets a notification that you have published a new article on your blog.

4) Choose the right language

This question is often asked me which language is the batsman for me or what language I choose for my blog, then I suggest that if you want to rank your site in India then surely you can But if you want to rank your site in the whole country then you choose English.

5) Share your article on social media platforms

It is very important to share your articles in all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit etc. This will get you high traffic and your site will rank fast on Google. By sharing your article on the social media platform, Google thinks that your site has good content so Google will also promote your site.

6) Share on YouTube

YouTube is Google's product that shows results in Google. If you want to increase the traffic of your blog then you should make a video of each post on your site and upload it to YouTube. This will be your two things, someone will promote your site, second you can earn money by making a video of your site post on YouTube. You also have to share your article link and home page link to increase blog article traffic.

7) Guest post

You can ask a successful blogger to share your site's posts on your site. If he liked your content, then definitely you will post it on that site, this will give you a dofollow backlink. If he refuses to share your post on your site then you do not have to be frustrated, you can ask more bloggers to share your post.

8) Do not copy

Friends, if you copy someone's content and publish it on your website, Google will never rank your website, and AdSense will not grant you AdSense approval.
Friends, if you think that you have a top level domain and you copy any content from any website and you will get the approval of AdSense, then you are absolutely wrong so friends recommended you to write your content which 100% new you will get approval and your site will rank on Google.


So friends here are my own tips for increasing traffic to your blog, I hope that you will find our article useful to you, please share all tips to your friendss for blog traffic also comment your thoughts. Thanks!

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