Summer Youth Olympics Begins With Google Doodle

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, Google doodles celebrate the beginning of the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With more than 200 countries participating, the event has started the career of young athletes before going on big and better things. In this event thousands of athletes of 15-18 age group will compete in different categories.

Google Summer Olympics Begins With Google Doodle

This is the first time that the Summer Youth Olympic Games are being held outside Asia and are being organized for the first Youth Games outside Eurasia for summer or winter. The events of the last two summers have been held in Singapore (2010) and Nanjing, China (2014).

Doodle competes in an animated young bird in various sporting events such as weightlifting, gymnastics and swimming. Kiteboarding and BMX Freestyle Park will start this year, as will be a new version of handball played on the beach. Football is out in favor of Futal - an indoor game played on a small hard court and includes fewer players.

47 athletes will be represented in the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina in 13 games (37 subjects) with the inaugural ceremony on October 18. In this team ISSF senior and junior world cup champion Manu Bhukar, Commonwealth Games medalist Sholly Mehli Ghosh, World Youth boxing champion Jyoti Gulia and World Youth silver medalist Jeremy Lalrunga were inducted in weightlifting.

This year, along with mixed sex programs, the events of the mixed National Olympic Committee will also be included, which will bring athletes from different countries on the same team together.

The mascot of the youth sports 'Jagdi' is a teenage Jaguar, who loves sports and is native to Argentina. The game consists of every four years in a different city and country with summer and winter versions. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for first, second and third positions - this year was designed by Fareed Hussein, 18, Indonesia.

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