One Plus 6T Leaked With Full Specifications

Before officially launching, OnePlus 6T has been leaked extensively. And the latest leak, which includes OnePlus 6T full images and full spectacles, almost confirms almost everything about the phone except the price of India. The leak is for 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage version. This time there are indications, if the estimated oneplus 6T prices have been leaked earlier, then it is true that 64 GB can not be onePlus 6T version.

The leak gives a courtesy to the Twitter users, who have the phone's photo as well as its glasses sheets.

First OnePlus 6 T Photos Confirm of leaked images - however - that oneplus 6T will come with a fingerprint sensor embedded at the bottom of the screen. It also confirms that there will be a drop of water in the phone - or in other words, there will be a very small footprint. On the back, the phone will play a dual camera setup, the image shows the leakage. And the front is going to be a single selfie camera. OnePlus 6T is also going to look like OnePlus 6, because there is not much change in design-wise.

What do all leaks reveal? All major specifications of OnePlus 6T are given here.

Main specification of OnePlus 6T

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Ram: 8 GB (this is part of leaked version). There may also be a version with more or less RAM.

Internal storage: 128 GB What applies to RAM applies here, there may be more types of storage with less or more storage.

Screen: 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels.

Rear camera: 16 megapixel main camera connected with 20-megapixel secondary camera. Both come with F 1.7 lenses

Front Camera: A 20-megapixel camera with a F-20.7 lens

Software: Oxygen OS based on Android 9 pie

Battery: 3700 mAh

Apart from the main specs, we also know about many new features coming in OnePlus 6T, because OnePlus has confirmed some of its own. The company has talked about the future fingerprint sensor, which is placed under the display. Although we have previously seen phones with such fingerprint sensors, OnePlus says that one of the 6 T is the fastest.

OnePlus promises better battery life with OnePlus 6T - the size of the battery increases in the phone, so it is clear. And the company has also made better camera performance in OnePlus 6T compared to the OnePlus 6 shootout. This, OnePlus has indicated, will improve the processing of image processing through a new low-light photo mode processing.

There will also be the first OnePlus 6 phone without the OnePlus 6T 3.5mm headphone jack. However, it is expected that the OnePlus One will bundle the USB-C 3.5mm headphone jack adapter in the TH box with onePlus 6T.

The Newplex 6T launched at a program in New York on October 29th globally. In India, the phone will be formally launched on October 30 in a program in New Delhi. Then it will go on sale from November 2 and on the same day, OnePlus is hoping to organize a pop-up program for members of its community and fans 12 locations in nine cities in India.

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