The Best Lite Apps For Android Phone

Everything in the mobile world is not centered on high-end devices. Companies are aware that a large part of mobile communications still manages low-end and mid-range devices to meet their communication needs.

Every year, companies launch new products and apps for these types of devices and it seems that it will continue for several years. This is the reason that app companies have developed software which can optimize these specifications.

The Lite App is a lightweight version of heavy applications, and is designed to do the same duties in particular without any problem in these devices.

Let's look at the apps now :

Facebook Lite : 

The lightest version of the most popular social network is a great option that comes with the main functions of the benefits of using some of your mobile resources.

There are many professionals in this app that make a difference when comparing it with the main app; One of them is that it is counted with an integrated chat, something that many users of the normal version want.

In case of storage, Facebook Lite only requires 2 MB (instead of 60 MB). In the case of RAM, the Lite Edition is optimized to run fully on phones with 1 GB RAM, so if you have a mid-range / high-range device, you will see a big difference between the two versions.

Messenger Lite :

In the same line, Messenger is a light app, those users are usually struggling to get a stable internet connectivity.

Messenger Lite offers standard version except video call, which comes with almost all functions. Therefore, this is a good option for continuous users of this app which does not require video.

Like Facebook Lite, this version of Messenger is exceptional when talking about storage and RAM usage. And it does not require much data as standard version.

Opera Mini :

This mobile browser is undoubtedly a top choice for users, who comes to surf the web on a mobile device, which needs something faster, lighter and functional.

The app has a Data-Save Mode that allows you to use as little as possible phone data. This is good when users have a slow internet speed.

The opera meets the essential functions of mini browsing but you can not expect it much, however, it is still another great option for users with limited devices and slow internet speeds.

YouTube Go :

130 countries had access to the lightest version of the most used video streaming app. YouTube Go has been released to customize the experience of limited-speed users, making it easy to use.

Video downloading, offline views and data-saving features make YouTube one of the best light apps to watch available videos on the market right now. Definitely, an option that will not let users down.

Instagram Lite :

Recently, the members of the company confirmed the launch of Instagram Light, an app that weighs only 573 KB, unlike the standard version which requires 141 MB of space.

With Instagram Lite, you can share videos, photos, and stories on your feed, but you can not send private messages or use the IGTV function, however it should be added to the upcoming update.

As you can see, most social networks have begun to develop lightweight versions of their app to create a great experience with those types of limitations for those users.

This can be a growing market for which apps are going, and you should know as an app developer because creating standard and lite versions can actually help expose an app.

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