How to Snipe with the Crossbow + 6x at UP TO 200m | PUBG Mobile Tutorial

Hey guys this is Farhan and today i will teach you how to perfectly aim at your enemies with crossbow. You can practice this in training mode if you want to be expert in it. So below is a photo from which you can oberserve it.

So you can see two aims below the center aim. You have use the 2nd aim to shoot the target which is at 100m exactly. I know it's difficult to find the enemy distance but you can practice this is training mode.
Today I teach you how to use the Crossbow with a 6x Scope to snipe UP TO 200m by showing you how much drop there is at 100m, 150m, and 200m. If you enjoy this type of video be sure to let me know and I can make more in the future with different types of weapon and scope combinations.

I have give  video link for this tutorial if you want to learn please do watch the video

So you can learn the and become expert from this video. Thanks for your time please feel free to contact us for any queries

Video Credits - Derek G

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