How to Enhance Domain Authorit Of Website : Moz's DA PA Tips

How to Enhance Domain Authorit Of Website : Moz's DA PA Tips
 The PA is a full form page authority and the DA is the full form domain authority. There was a time when the website's website authority and Page Authority used to rank matrics only in the eyes of bloggers, not Google. Google has always focused on page rank. PR (Page Rank) was the most important ranking determining tool in 2018.
How to Enhance Domain Authorit Of Website

How to Enhance Blog / Website's Domain Authority: Moz's DA PA Tips

Unlike Google Page Rank, Domain Authority is just another thing after this. The Domain Authority has its own importance and prominent role in the blog authority because when any advertiser or anyone looking to contribute to your site sees PageRankCanc. Now most bloggers and online marketers are working to increase their domain trust and authority after all those Google updates. So today I'm going to tell you how to increase the DA for any blog by following simple down the steps :

What Is Domain Authority ?

Website authority website is a new metric for ranking. After panda and penguin updates this is a widely used and popular method to judge the quality of the website. Here are some factors that determine you
Domain Authority

The best tips to increase Domain Authority 2014

1. Domain Age

As we said in the beginning, the age and popularity of the domain matters a lot in the domain authority calculation and the reason behind this cruel thing is very simple, the search engines mostly prefer the old domain because the old domain is generally preferred. But considered more real and trustworthy. So in simple words you can say that the domain age tells you how real and reliable your website is.

2. Backlinks - Link Juice 

The best practice is to make a community or at least be in touch with every other person involved in the link building. Use anchor text variation when linking back to your blog, do not use the same page, use different pages that work for me and I am fine with it, comment on other blogs and with relevant anchor text Link back to your blog, either the link is nofollow or dofollow, all you have to do is link back and I'll also look at almost all search engines.

3. Inbound Links

Keeping in mind the search engine while determining the right of a domain, the number of inbound links coming from the main and important factor quality sites. If your blog has a high number of inbound links from the High Authority site then your blog is also considered by the Association as a high authority.

4. Domain Popularity

Now what about domain popularity, yes !! This domain also has an important word in the authorization calculation, but this domain depends on age and backlink because you know that the higher your domain, the more popular it is. So when your site is popular enough for you, then a large number of links coming from different sites will be automatically received.

How to check the DA of any website?

There are so many online tools to check the domain authority rankings of your blog or website. You can try the Seamos, Open Site Explorer or you can try Moonie, which is the best tool to check the domain.
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