How to download best responsive templates for blogger


How to download best responsive templates for blogger 

Blogger is the oldest platform for blogging. It has millions of bloggers. Some of them are doing really very great job. Bloggers are earning very much now a days. Blogger is a google product and to earn one should link its blogger to AdSense account.

Many people are doing full time blogging, they have left their jobs to do blogging that means you can make career in blogging but you should care of the following points below - 

  • Your content should not be copied
  • You should have a good interface of your website
  • You must buy a domain if you want blogging as your career as it looks professional.
  • Your account should be linked with AdSense so that you can earn money from it.

To make your blog look professional you have to buy or download some blogger templates from the internet. Some of the best website links are given below you can check it.

These are some of the best websites for making your website look professional. You can download the templates from here for free or you can buy templates. But i recommend you to use free templates if you are new to this platform. 

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