How To De-Link Adhaar Card With Bank Accounts, Mobile Numbers, E-Wallets Like Paytm

Now when it is not mandatory to link your foundation to mobile and bank accounts, here is a step-by-step process to be removed.

How To De-Link Adhaar Card With Bank Accounts

Supreme Court (SC) has declared the Center's Adhaar plan as constitutionally valid. Outside firmly, many people had added the Adhaar account with their mobile number and Adhaar. But considering the recent data infringement reports related to the Adhaar data, 31 petitions were challenged on the basis that this scheme violated the right to privacy of citizens. According to the Supreme Court's decision, you are no longer required to link your Adhaar to a bank account and mobile number.

Scheduled caste has also passed section 57 and section 33 (2) under the Aadhaar Act, 2016, which means that private and corporate companies can not demand the Adhaar, nor can they access your biometric data. Essentially, this means that you no longer need to open your 12 digit Adhaar number bank account, or get a new SIM connection. However, for LPG subsidy and welfare related schemes, you will still need to add your Adhaar. Therefore, if you want to remove your Adhaar , then you have the steps given below to follow the steps given below.

How To De-Link Adhaar Card From Mobile Number, Bank Account

First step

To get started, you have to personally go to the branch or telecommunications operator's shop.

Second Step

You will have to give a written application about your consent with the Adhaar data, and you want to remove it from your database.

Third Step

Your Adhaar number will be removed within 48 hours. To cross the check, you can call customer care as an inquiry about it.

How To Unlink Your Adhaar Card With E-Wallet Like Paytm

First step

Call PTM Customer Service at 01204456456 and tell the representative that you want to unlink your Adhaar.

Second Step

The company will send you an e-mail and ask for a clear picture of your recent picture, and your Aadhar card.

Third Step

Once you answer the email, the process will start, and the confirmation of the linking will be sent to you within 72 hours. To make sure again, you can call customer care and ask for the status of the delinking.

Similarly, you can contact Mobikwik and Freecharged customer care and ask about the process. Note that there is no compulsion to add your Adhaar card with the bank adhaar and the mobile number, you will still need to add it to the PAN to file your income tax return.

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