Big Boss 12 Day 11: Vikas Gupta's reality check makes contestants uncomfortable

Vikas visited every contestant with a mirror and spoke regarding their behaviour within the house and the way their actions are being perceived by the surface world.

Big Boss 12

Nothing stays in Big Boss 12 House. Just when you think it will be a light day, Big Boss comes with a new twist. After a competitive luxury budget task, the singles finally won. But the 'pair' were not able to accept defeat and remained opposed to this decision. To instigate things in the house, Big Boss woke up the contestant in the song "Koi hero yaha, koi zero yaha". There was an amazing element in the song, which left all the competitors in shock.

The Big Boss took away from their favorite places in the contestants, popularly called 'Mangalto', which is in the sitting area of ​​the round, where all the hush-hush interaction will be done. This caused many of them to be upset and upset, especially Deepak and Rumil, who spent most of their time there. While the participants thought that the day was about to end, former competitive Vikas Gupta went to reveal everyone's game in the house and some of them asked to complete their strategies.

As a part of this activity, the people of the house were asked to freeze wherever they were, and in no case had to respond. Development Each participant went with a mirror and talked about his behavior at home and how his activities are being felt by external activities. The revelation of development made troubled and many uncomfortable.

Immediately after leaving development, Big Boss 12 asked the members of the house to nominate 3 contestants for dungeon punishment. How will react to the disclosure of competitive development and who will have to go to the black hole?

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