Battlefield 5 Release Date And Pre-Order Guide


Battlefield 5 Release Date And Pre-Order Guide

In Battlefield V, booty boxes or premium passes will not be included, but players will be able to get cosmetic items to adapt their character. During the EA press conference in the E3 program, it was revealed that this game will include a war royale mode

Pre-order Battlefield V at most retailers, and you will receive many promotions and gifts. Here's what you get.

Early access to Battlefield V-Beta
Paratrooper Dress: Choose one of eight special military sets to customize your soldiers.
Firestorm Ranger Sets: Goggles, Light Fighting Fatigue, and MkiI (S) Elite Combat Daggers.
Special assignments: Earn rewards and gain a competitive edge by completing special assignments.
Instant Access to Five Battlefields 1 Weapon: Unleash the five most modern weapons of the Great War, ready for use in Battlefield 1 and bridge the technical gap between the two world wars.
Here's a gameplay video of Battlefield 5

It will be releasing soon to the PC, XBOX, PlaystaPlay 4.
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