Has Rashmita Mandanna broken up with fiance Rakshit Shetty?

Actor Rashmita Mandna and Rakshi Shetty are among the most loved Kannada film pairs. Both fell in love with their hit film, Kirik Party set, and then joined in July 2017. Both recently celebrated the first anniversary of their engagement, but if rumor mill is anything, then rashmika has said that it has broken up with protection.

According to a report in IB Times, a source was quoted as saying, "It is a tough decision for both actors, but they should call hard keeping their careers in mind. At this level, both families Has advised them to focus on their work. "
Rakshi Shetty, who is very active on social media, wrote, "I am taking leave from all social media. Thank you all, for everyone, you have loved me very much.

Recently, when the poster of Rashmika was released on social media with Geeta Govindam's Vijay Devrakonda, the fans of Rakshat tightened the actress to make a close look with Arjun Reddy star. Nevertheless, both Rashmika and Rakshat had settled this incident together. Rakshit had left the social media, while Rushmi's social media updates have not changed. In fact, the actors are ready to release their next Telugu film, which is led by Devdas, in the lead role, in which Nani and Nagarjuna have played.

Rashmika Mandanna has been successful in the success of recently released Ghaitha Govindam. But besides his professional career, Rushmi is also making headlines for his personal life. The monsters had made some rumors during their engagement with Monster Shetty. Although both of them had rejected all speculation in the past, their break-up rumors revived.

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