10 Best SEO Tips To Get Huge Traffic In 2018

SEO means optimizing your content so that it appears more often in search results.

Misunderstand it, and your content may also be invisible.

But if you consider it to be right, you can take advantage of the benefits of increasing traffic, which can lead to more conversions, lead generation can improve and sales can increase.

And we know that every business wants more traffic

The problem is that SEO ranking factors have changed a lot in the last few years (find out how in our keyword research guide). This means that search engine optimization techniques that work 5 years ago will not fly today.

This is why we have recruited some specialist help so that you can ensure that you are using the best SEO strategy for the coming year.

Our six experts share their favorite SEO tips and strategies to build large traffic in 2018. As you will see, if there is a topic that integrates them all, then it is making better content, but some of our experts take their unique perspectives.

1. Improve Your Writing Skills 

Now This SEO Tip is most important you will get to know why.
Rewrite those posts which are almost highly ranked. There may be lots of them. In the Acquisition »Search Console» Queries report, look for them in Analytics. To show only those steps, set an advanced filter for which the average position (rank) is greater than 10 (on page two). Eureka!

Now give those articles an overhaul. Details, examples, answers, figures, images, contributor quotes and anything else that add a better piece to the page.

If you grow up on quality, you are likely to add length and keyprase usage naturally. Make it a page that you are very proud of, you want to print it and want to frame it on the wall.

Here are three ways to make this strategy even more effective:

  • Check all the pages on the page, so you are sure not to hurt the relevance for a better phrase.
  • As you type again, i.e. work in connected sub-topics, which appear on the search results page in the answer box and "related searches" at the bottom of the page.
  • Do this as regular, quarterly material marketing audit.

2. Use Videos On Your Articles To Make It Attractive

One of the best SEO tips is more quality than quantity. If you have a large number of indexed pages, this does not mean that your site will attract more organic traffic.

Get rid of shallow posts on your blog who have less word count or surface content.

Focus on meaningful content that is really attractive and every visitor wants to read through the whole article.

Apart from this, there is a lot of unexpected potential in the video - great for SEO and good user is ready for engagement. It's likely that your user can quickly go through a 1 minute video but you can not have the patience to read the 100-word article.

Shilpa Hummingbird is the co-founder on Web Solutions, which owns the famous WordPress Theme Store Cyber ​​Chimps.com, WordPress Plugin Store WPeka.com and the popular WordPress Slider Plugin SlideDeck.com.

Looking for a different approach to search engine optimization tips? Ian Clary has a unique spin on Link Building for SEO:

3. Optimize Your Content 

To maximize the 2018 SEO results, marketers will take away more materials from disposable once. To accomplish this, tap Content 4C: Conditions, construction and circulation for creating your community.

4. Create Something Useful For Readers 

Ian Clary: We are outreach to create links and focus on the brand mention link. When a brand refuses us and does not link to us, we reach them and usually receive a link. We get a lot of mention online, so we have an opportunity to really grow our link profile and generate enough traffic.

The other approaches we are taking are creating useful utilities. It's pieces of software that provide important value for our audience but make it available for free. We then redirect 301 from the site, come back to our site with utility and generate lots of links.
Ian Clary is the founder of ResorSocial, a digital agency with a popular technology blog. He is also the co-founder of an email marketing outreach tool, Outreach tool.

5. Know Your Keywords 

First things first You can not do much by knowing what keywords your company solves in your targeted market, which keywords are using to find solutions. It requires a little research. Step inside your product or service potential customer shoes. How do you solve your problem? What do you find in your search engine? For example, if you sell organic dog food, your potential customer is probably worried about your dog's health. Perhaps his dog is food allergic and he is concerned about chemicals and yield in most dog foods. Start searching. What sites pop up? Look at the words used in those snippets.

6. Use Keywords In Your Page URLs

Make sure that you do not ignore your page URL because they are important for your SEO. This is where your keyword search is easy. For example, if a page talks about your solar financing product, then the URL of that page should be product / solar-financing. Focus on the most common and most searched proper keywords. If you are trying to make a decision between "solar financing" and "solar lease", then select the person with the highest search ranking.

There are some quick and easy (and free) ways to check search rankings. To use a Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Just enter your keywords to see how popular are historically in terms of search volume. You can also use Google Trends, which is really a fun site to explore. Compare different keywords to see the quick graphical comparison of interest over time.

7. Check Every Page For Keyword Placements 

Now that you have created high quality content that needs (and wants) your target market and keep the headlines that attract attention to engage them and encourage them to read further, go back and do whatever you wrote Review her. In your review, look for extra places where you can naturally insert keywords. Can you change a sentence to include a keyword? For example, on a page about marketing automation, "identify the best customers and convert more" can be changed "marketing automation helps you identify the best customers and convert more." Also, consider whether you can create a keyword phrase by creating a keyword phrase in front of a word? If I have a sentence that talks about "marketing campaign" and "marketing automation", then there is a keyword for my page, I will add "automatic" to "marketing campaign". Pass several reviews. You might be surprised at what chance you missed for the first time, and for the second time also.

8. Maximize User Engagements

Max DeSamerice: Focus on user engagement. Whether it is updating an existing post or making it completely new, the page should be made in such a way to maximize engagement. Page should:

Be easy to read. Uses whitespace, headers, short paragraphs, and relevant images to absorb the content page and increase the user's time on the page.
Providing relevant internal links that will answer threader's question. This can often significantly reduce bounce rates, and take users forward on your site.
Use the LSI keyword, and answer additional questions users can think of after viewing the content. Just offering content that the user searches for is no longer sufficient. The page needs to supply additional information that the user can ask for. Providing additional information will help to keep the user, and the search engines will tell that the content of the page is not only answering the search query, but providing additional value that there may not be other pieces of content.
Users are composed of several ways to absorb the content. Include images, infographics, video, and text. This will attract readers' attention, and keep them busy on content.

By employing these strategies, it will ensure that your pages are highly valued for readers, and search engines will mark these pages as high quality content.

Max Desmarice is a SEO and PPC expert for a digital and marketing and PPC agency who specializes in PPC management services.

Finally, Susan Greene says that do not focus on SEO basics for new content, but also for old posts:

9. Edit Your Old Blog Posts To Make It New

Susan Greene: For years I was pumping posts on copyright for my blog. I included everything about how to write a killer about our page for a strategy for success as a freelance copywriter. Those posts helped me to secure high ranking on Google for my favorite keywords. But I recently realized that I was missing on an SEO opportunity.

I was so focused on creating new blog posts that I never went back and refreshed my old ones. They still had very useful information, but some of them were outdated. Time to be busy!

With the SEO in mind, now I regularly go through the old blog post and do the following:

  1. Update any information that is no longer accurate or relevant.
  2. Add new stock photos and delete any old dated.
  3. Write / customize title / alt text for all images
  4. To be more SEO-friendly work the old title.
  5. When possible, add the subtitle to the post using the keyword.
  6. Check title tags and meta descriptions for keywords.
  7. Wear extra keywords in vulnerable positions.
  8. Check the existing link to make sure they still work and add links to relevant new pages.
  9. Increase the post by adding more detailed content as Google now supports longer, information-rich pages.
  10. Proofread for mistakes It's amazing what you can catch with the fresh eyes.
  11. Susan Green has been a professional copyright writer for more than 25 years. They have a deep understanding of internet marketing and a conversation writing style that converts customers into prospects.

10. Link Building 


What is quality backlinks?

A link from the relevant and high quality website is considered a quality link.

for example:

Your blog post is about SEO tips. Then, your blog post will need backlinks from other blogs whic are your competitor.

You can also link to digital marketing or content marketing blogs because these (SEO, digital marketing or content marketing) are closely related topics.

On the other hand, you can not link to fashion related blogs or articles for your SEO Tips article. They are irrelevant.

the fact is:

The relevance between the original content and backlink content is high, the quality of backlinks is high.

Also, you should know by now that buying a hundred links back on your website is a move that does not work anymore.

By understanding the mindset of search engine users, you will be able to generate better links with proper keywords instead of resorting to cheap antiquities like buying fake links, which redirect people to the net.

Do not bother the user. help them.

Simple and self-explanatory links will do the same, and you will not be banned from search engines.

Beware of Google Penguin algorithms. Penguins punish websites that are creating low quality and irrelevant backlinks on their website.
Recently, a search quality senior strategist at Google has revealed that "backlink" is one of the top 3 ranking signals in Google's search algorithm.

These SEO tips to keep you in practice. When you are done, make sure your new strategy is working by testing our guide to measuring content marketing ROI.

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